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Father Wins in Juvenile Court

A father hired Mr. Provini to represent him in Juvenile Dependency proceedings involving his children. The Department of Social Services alleged that the father had threatened his ex-wife with domestic violence, was a methamphetamine user, and was responsible for introducing ex-wife mother, who is a drug addict, to the drug. Although no criminal charges were filed, Social Services was seeking to legally remove custody from father and mother, and place the children in foster care. Father contested the petition. After a trial, which included cross-examination of the mother and presentation of witness testimony on behalf of father, the Juvenile Court found that the mother was not credible, that the father was not a drug user, and that he had not used or threatened domestic violence. Over the opposition of the County Counsel, District Attorney, and Attorney for the mother, Mr. Provini convinced the Juvenile Court to return custody of the children to father, who was able to care for the children with the help and support of his family. After a subsequent review hearing, the Juvenile Court proceedings were dismissed with an order that the Juvenile Court Orders granting custody to father be filed in Family Court. Visitation with drug addicted mother continues to be restricted pending her compliance with drug rehabilitation orders.